• [2019-03-04] Nodular cast iron GGG-70
    Nodular cast iron GGG-70   Ductile iron is not a single material but part of a group of materials which can be produced with a wide range of properties through control of their microstructure. The common defining characteristic of this group of materials is the shape of the graphite. In ductile irons, graphite is in the form of  nodules  rather than flakes as in  grey iron .
  • [2019-03-03] Trading company or foundry ?
      Advantages of trading companies: A. More information, faster absorption, if these can be effectively integrated and used by customers, it can bring value to the customers. B. Communication with customers is relatively faster. If customers have problems, they can communicate face to face at any time through a phone call, so that they can respond more quickly to customers' ideas and
  • [2019-02-26] Composition of casting parts quotation
    Composition of casting parts quotation Generally speaking, the cost of a new casting part is tooling cost and unit price per kilogram. Tooling cost / cost of mould Tooling cost refers to the production cost of casting molds, which is mainly made of aluminum alloy and stainless steel. Compared with forging molds, the cost of casting mould is decided by the structure of products and the
  • [2018-09-19] Another casting way
    Another casting way The foundry industry, an indispensable program of processing and manufacturing. In the early industry, people paid attention to how to produce the parts they need. At the same time, the existing process, production capacity of the factory and the cost limit of input into the development of new products, how to make the enterprise meet the demand of the new industry under
  • [2018-08-31] Difficulties for suppliers and buyers
    Difficulties for suppliers and buyers With the development of information technology , we can find many manufacturing factories and many markets with demand by Google way . Information provides us with convenience and also brings us trouble . For manufacturing plants , it is also difficult to find matching market demand . The exhibition , B2B , Google , facebook , skype and so on. Actually,
  • [2018-07-10] Why resin sand casting
    Why resin sand casting 1. Good air permeability: after the high-temperature metal liquid is poured into the model, the model is filled with a large amount of gas, which must be discharged from the model. Otherwise, the casting will suffer from defects such as porosity and insufficient casting. 2. High strength: the resin sand must be strong enough to avoid collapse during molding,
  • [2018-07-10] silica sol in investment casting
    spheroidal ink casting The binder has a direct influence on the quality, production time and production cost of mold shell and casting in the investment casting industry. Because the industry for the quality of the adhesive has high requirements, some of the common adhesive can not meet the needs of industry, so the colloidal silica in investment casting industry has been greatly developed.
  • [2018-06-29] [Material] spheroidal ink casting
    spheroidal ink casting (1) Chemical composition is strictly required, and the content of carbon and silicon required for the original iron solution is higher than that of gray iron, so as to reduce the content of manganese, phosphorus and sulfur in ductile iron. (2) The temperature of molten iron is higher than that of gray casting, and is higher than that of compensated
  • [2018-06-29] tradition to intelligence
    Shotblast cleaning Casting is an old profession. The physical properties of materials can be used to form complex shapes, different structures and castings of different scales, and then processed into all kinds of products we need. There are many factors that affect casting quality, especially various casting defects. With the application of computer numerical simulation technology, it is
  • [2018-06-28] [Material] Artificial intelligence
    Shotblast cleaning The "old black thick" steel industry is undergoing a qualitative change. The application of artificial intelligence in steel quality inspection and the promotion of intelligent steel bags have made the traditional industry insert the wings of wisdom, saving economic cost and improving production efficiency. ? At the 2017 baidu cloud intelligence summit held