Shotblast cleaning

Casting is an old profession.The physical properties of materials can be used to form complex shapes, different structures and castings of different scales, and then processed into all kinds of products we need.There are many factors that affect casting quality, especially various casting defects.With the application of computer numerical simulation technology, it is necessary to pre-check the product design and refine the process parameters.Through the simulation of casting process, technicians can get rid of the occurrence of random phenomena such as casting process by trial and error based on personal experience and fuzzy feeling design.Ensure that the casting design and manufacturing parameters can be visualized and quantified.To promote the application of digital, each operation process of casting, especially for key process and key links, such as mold manufacture, core making, paint baking, etc are carried out by the quantitative parameters of unified control.Today's 3 d printing technology, industrial robots, etc. The successful application of advanced technology, is the reunification of the same product interact through large amounts of data accurate operation, ensure the reproducibility of product manufacturing.Online is to get rid of the traditional casting, extensive management of the digital control, solves the operating personnel changes due to the emotional factors, environmental weather differences or personnel loss caused by quality problems, in order to ensure that large quantities of the consistency of product quality.

In the new era of overwhelming big data, traditional foundry enterprises and traditional production methods are seriously challenged.New words like "intelligent casting" and "digital" bring hope and bewilderment.What exactly is "intelligent casting"?How far is it from us?


"Intelligent casting" is a highly integrated product of information and casting production, including intelligent casting technology and intelligent casting system.Intelligent casting technology includes digital simulation, 3D printing, robot, ERP, etc.Intelligent casting system is a large data knowledge base with learning ability, which can make self-planning and self-improvement through comparative analysis of environmental information and its own information."Smart casting" typical application pattern for "digital foundry", "digital foundry" means all adopt informatization management production process and quality control procedures, and financial processes, product development processes, human resources management training and so on all internal processes, at the same time with information processing of associated processes with suppliers, and customers.The whole production process can be simulated and regulated.In the "digital foundry", heavy manual labor is basically eliminated, 80% of employees can work in air-conditioned rooms, the environment is clean, and the production efficiency and efficiency are greatly improved.