spheroidal ink casting

The binder has a direct influence on the quality, production time and production cost of mold shell and casting in the investment casting industry.Because the industry for the quality of the adhesive has high requirements, some of the common adhesive can not meet the needs of industry, so the colloidal silica in investment casting industry has been greatly developed.In 1939, alcohol-based ethyl silicate hydrolysate was used as binder in the investment casting industry.It was not until the 1960s that water-based silica sol was used as a binder for investment casting.The use of silica sol as binder in foreign countries is far earlier than that in China. Nowadays, the two most used adhesives in the international investment casting industry are silica sol and ethyl silicate.At present, except for aerospace industry and export precision casting industry, silica sol and ethyl silicate hydrolysate are used as binder in China.This indicates that the development level of China's silica sol industry is far lower than the international level, especially the fast dry silica sol binder.The technology of quick-drying silicon sol binder in foreign countries has been mature and perfect, but China has just started to study it, and it has not started to use the quick-drying silicon sol adhesive universally.

Although with abroad has a larger gap, but the development of colloidal silica industry in our country continues to grow, the scope of the use of precision casting industry in the constantly expanding, breed industry in constant increase, in addition, the performance of the silica sol binder is in constant improvement.At present, our country's silica sol solution has better stability, can adapt to a wider range of ph value, but also can maintain for a long time.

With the development of time, China's silica sol industry will develop rapidly, and at the same time, it will meet the needs of the investment casting industry and occupy more markets.