Why resin sand casting

1. Good air permeability: after the high-temperature metal liquid is poured into the model, the model is filled with a large amount of gas, which must be discharged from the model. Otherwise, the casting will suffer from defects such as porosity and insufficient casting.

2. High strength: the resin sand must be strong enough to avoid collapse during molding, handling and closing of the box, and the casting surface will not be damaged during pouring.

3. Fire-resistant "high temperature metal liquid has a strong thermal effect on the model after being poured in, so the resin sand should be able to resist high temperature heat.


4. Good plasticity: resin sand has good plasticity of materials, convenient modeling and operation, accurate shape and clear outline of the sand made.


5. Good concession: machine tool castings in condensation, volume shrinkage, resin sand mould should have certain ability to compressed, such as resin sand mould concession sex is bad, the casting is easy to produce internal stress or cracking.