Difficulties for suppliers and buyers

With the development of information technology , we can find many manufacturing factories and many markets with demand by Google way . Information provides us with convenience and also brings us trouble . For manufacturing plants , it is also difficult to find matching market demand . The exhibition , B2B , Google , facebook , skype and so on. Actually, there are too many information for people. To find the useful one like finding a needle in a haystack.

And for purchasers, it is the similar. Here comes the question , the same one , of how to find the right partner for both the manufacturer and the buyer . After more than 20 years of experience in the foundry industry, we have our own set of factory management methods, solutions in the production process and the ability to effectively communicate and solve problems with customers in the foreign trade.

Today, we will discuss how buyers choose factories, what should be the factors to pay attention to. First of all , to focus on the management structure of the company and the business philosophy of the company leader . What are the company's current strengths in the industry ? What kind of customers does the company need ?

Secondly , to understand the actual control of the factory :

1 . Whether the factory has the R&D ability and innovation of new process ; Can you see if the factory has a record of solving some special problems and if it has patents in the industry ? Ability of sample making , understanding of sample development process and sample development.

2 . Analysis of quotation ability , quotation of manufacturing plants , analysis of drawings , objective analysis of product production and discussion of technical problems . Technical skills , ability to solve on-site technical problems and feasibility of process documents . It depends on the proficiency in the employees in the factory and whether the employees follow the technological requirements .

3 . The quality control ability and quality control equipment of the factory can't just see the certification certificate , but should pay attention to the implementation of on-site control measures ;

4 . Understanding production capacity, equipment allocation , number of employees , and supplementary methods for new employees . Know about whether work overtime. What was the maximum production capacity ? It is best to understand the average production capacity of each month.

5 . Know which industries the factory mainly produces and what products are made of what materials. With this knowledge , at least the buyer knows the actual situation and management ability of the factory . If the factory can meet the target requirements of its own procurement .


Then the most important thing is that as a buyer , we should cultivate qualified partners for ourselves and give the manufacturing factory the opportunity to develop new products . We can discuss the risk sharing of development .

If the factory has the confidence to develop new products , we can verify the ability of the factory again . Discuss the technical requirements of the new product under good communication